$397.00 USD

Fiercely Fertile Full Payment

You are on your way to managing your fertility journey! I am so excited you are here! This course will help you learn strategies to optimize your egg quality, manage your fertility journey, and get support during your IVF cycle. Each video will teach you what you can do to connect your mind and body, reduce stress, and optimize your egg quality.

What you'll get:

  • 10 course modules filled with video content of me walking you through specific strategies to optimize your egg quality, your fertility and your IVF cycle.

  • Effective strategies to help you manage and reduce your stress, and connect your mind and body

  • Evidence based mental skills that I use with top athletes and career executives that will help you increase your confidence

  • Videos showing you how to use these specific mental skills

  • Effective ways to communicate and connect with your partner and others during IVF

  • Effective and specific meditation, visualization and breathing techniques to help you stay present and reduce stress

  • Helpful tips to practice self-care during your journey

  • Over 10 PDF worksheets for you to practice your skills

  • Over 30 recipes I used during my journey to optimize my egg quality

  • Vitamin, supplement and lifestyle changes I made to support my fertility

  • A bonus section to help you through your fertilization report wait